Yoshitaka Yamane



Japanese 山根 義隆
Rōmanji Yamane Yoshitaka
Also Known As
Gender Male
Nationality Japan
Blood Type
Occupation Junior High Student (S2)
High School Student (S3)
College Student (S4~)
School Mifune East Junior High
Team(s) Mifune East Baseball Club
Position 3B (WM Middle, 2nd Year)
1B (WM Middle, 3rd Year)
Pitcher (WM High)
Number 3 (WM Middle)
1 (WM High)
Bat/Throws Right/Left
Manga Debut Chapter 120
Anime Debut Ep27: He Returns...
Voice Actor Hideki Okihara
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Yoshitaka Yamane is one of Goro Shigeno's middle school classmates and fellow teammate on the Mifune East Baseball Team. Introduced in the Mifune East Arc, he becomes a regular character


Yamane first appeared with shorter hair, but decided to grow it after his injury. After he entered the high school, he appears with a shorter again.


He was a baseball enthusiast before his injury. Since then, he personality turned to rebellious while growing resentful towards the sport. But despite his renegade behavior, Yamane would not resort to violence according to his disapproval of his flunkies injuring the players.


Yamane was a member of Mifune East Junior High's baseball club until his senpai teammate intentionally injures him in a practice to take his starter position. But even after he recovered, Yamane realized he cannot throw with his right arm anymore without pain. Upset that even the new captain failed to recognize his injury, Yamane began to resent baseball and ended up becoming a delinquent. He would prevent anyone from enjoying the sport such as using his gang to chase off the club's members and vandalizing the equipment.

After Goro's return to Mifune and transfer into the school, he quickly quarrels and fights with Yamane when the equipment gets vandalized again. Yamane ended up confessing about his injury, but was motivated into baseball again after hearing Goro's story about his past injury. Furthered by the captain's apology, Yamane begins to train with his other arm.