Mifune East (三船東中学校, Mifune Higashi Chūgakkō) is the junior high baseball team that Goro Shigeno joins in the Mifune East Middle Arc.


Upon Goro's return to Mifune, Daisuke Komori is the team's captain which is on the verge of collapsing when the seniors left. The main cause was Yoshitaka Yamane, who became socially bitter around the sport after an intentional injury ruined his arm. He and his cronies Muta and Oikawa, chased the remaining players off the team other than Komori and Masahiko Oobayashi.

Goro appears when the bullies were assaulting Komori with hit-balls, and stands up to their challenge until Yamane appears to leave them alone. Although Komori and Sawamura were surprised to see their ace return, Goro turned down the offer to join the baseball club because of his damaged right arm. Yamane was displeased that Komori is still sustaining the club, so they scared away the newcomers and vandalized the equipment. Witnessing Komori's tears enrages Goro to engage against Yamane into a fight.

Goro gains the upperhand just as the others arrive to break up the fight. They found out that Yamane's shoulder injury was permanent and his delinquency towards the club was his lashing out to everyone around enjoying baseball except him. Komori apologizes to Yamane for being oblivious to his condition, and Goro sarcastically sympathizes from his similar experience by showing everyone his pitching left hand. Yamane, Muta, and Oikawa rejoins the team after reconciling with Komori.