Michiru Mayumura
Japanese 眉村 道塁
Rōmanji Mayumura Michiru
Also Known As
Gender Female
Nationality Japan
Blood Type
Family Ken Mayumura (father)
Shizuka Mayumura (mother)
Taizou Saotome (uncle)
2 older siblings
Wataru Mayumura (twin brother)
Occupation Student
School Oubi Baseball Team
Team(s) Touto Boys
Position Pitcher, 1B
Bat/Throws Left/Left
Manga Debut 2nd 052. To Take You Down
Anime Debut 2nd-Ep8: Toshiya's Personal Training
Voice Actor Yui Horie
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Michiru Mayumura is one of Daigo Shigeno's rivals introduced in Daigo's Little League Arc in MAJOR 2nd. She and Wataru Mayumura are the youngest born-twins of Ken Mayumura and Shizuka Mayumura.


She is a big fan of Goro Shigeno, calling him her favorite pitcher. It was because of this that she was eager to meet Daigo, in hopes of meeting Goro himself.


First introduced as a pitcher-catcher duo with her brother, Michiru quickly learns that Daigo is the son of Goro Shigeno, the pitcher she admires most. She then meets Daigo at the batting center and acts extremely friendly towards him, much to the chagrin of her brother and Mutsuko Sakura. Having persuaded Daigo to take her to his house, she is fascinated by Goro's trophy case. When her brother and Mutsuko arrive, her brother reveals her ruse, but Daigo admits he suspected something was off. Instead, he proposes that in exchange for pitching to him, she would get a signed baseball from Goro, to which she enthusiastically agrees to.


  • In the anime, she appears sooner in Episode 8
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