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MAJOR 2nd is a Japanese sports manga series by Takuya Mitsuda as the sequel to his previous MAJOR (series). The anime adaptation aired on NHK Educational TV, where the first season aired on April 2018, the second on April 2020.

During 2018 however, the manga was put on hiatus due to the author's poor physical health. The periods went through the following:

  • November 2018[1] - April 2019[2]
  • October 2021[3] - October 26, 2022[4]


Years after the previous series, Daigo Shigeno who is now in elementary school student, dreams to become a professional baseball player just like father and former major leaguer, Goro Shigeno. Following in his dad's footsteps, Daigo joined the little league team “Mifune Dolphins”, but finds his skills lacking and fell under the pressure from his peer players of becoming the second generation. Eventually, Daigo gave up baseball before even trying it out for a year and lived his life apathetically. Now in the 6th grade, he meets a new transfer student who returned home from America. The boy's name is Hikaru Sato, whose father is Toshiya Sato, a former major leaguer and a longtime friend of Goro. And the wheel of fate concerning these young lads is about to spin!


Main Characters[]

  • Daigo Shigeno: The main protagonist and son of the former major league player, Goro Shigeno.
  • Hikaru Sato: The deuteragonist and son of Toshiya Sato, Goro's best friend since childhood.
  • Mutsuko Sakura: The main heroine who has a crush on Daigo.


Daigo's Family[]

  • Izumi Shigeno: Daigo's elder sister.
  • Goro Shigeno: The former protagonist of the previous series, and a former ace pitcher of the major league.
  • Kaoru Shigeno: Former heroine of the previous series, whom she knew since elementary school and later married in the epilogue.
  • Momoko Shigeno: Daigo's grandmother and Goro's step-mother
  • Hideki Shigeno: Daigo's grandfather and Goro's step-father.

Fuurin Baseball Club[]


On April 4, 2018, it was announced that the Major 2nd manga had 5.6 million copies in print, for the first 13 volumes.[5]



  • The term "second" refers to the second generation, linking the passings between father and son.
  • In the initial NHK-ETV broadcasting of the anime, a "Baseball Kids" message segment is featured after the ending credits per episode. The NHK-ETV site posts an online petition of best photo-to-pick for the upcoming episode, under a theme per season.
    • For the first season, it follows the "generation" theme, where each photo is commented by a professional baseball player with his "message to everyone" quote, and a little league group shot are shown.
    • In the second season, the petition continues the first season following the "middle-school" players theme.

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