Kaoru Shigeno

Kaoru shimizu

Shimizu 1st

Japanese 清水 薫
Rōmanji Shimizu Kaoru
Also Known As
Gender Female
Birthday December 10, 1987
Nationality Japan
Blood Type O
Height 164cm
Weight 49kg
Family Shigeharu Honda (father-in-law)
Chiaki Honda (mother-in-law)
Hideki Shigeno (father-in-law)
Momoko Shigeno (mother-in-law)
Taiga Shimizu (little brother)
Goro Shigeno (husband)
Shingo Shigeno (brother-in-law)
Chiharu Shigeno (sister-in-law)
Izumi Shigeno (daughter)
Daigo Shigeno (son)
Occupation Housewife
Student (graduated)
School Mifune Elementary
Mifune East Junior High
Seishuu High School
Kyowa Women's University
Team(s) Mifune Little
Mifune East Softball Club
Seishuu High Softball Club
Kyowa U's Softball Club
Position Baseball: Right Fielder, Catcher
Softball: Pitcher, 2B
Number 9 (Mifune)
Bat/Throws Right/Right
Manga Debut 024. Second-Rate Sport
2nd 001. Daigo's Dream
Anime Debut Ep7: Goro Honda, 9 years old!
2nd-Ep1: Daigo's Dream (2nd)
Voice Actor Yuko Sasamoto
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Kaoru Shimizu is the main heroine of the MAJOR (series), and the love interest of Goro Shigeno. Introduced in the Little League Arc, she meets Goro Honda who later joins the Mifune Dolphins to help fill the team. She appears through each story arc throughout Goro's life, whom she later marries in the end and bears two children, eventually becoming Kaoru Shigeno (茂野 薫, Shigeno Kaoru).



Kaoru's appearance

Kaoru has dark brown hair and blue eyes. She has short-shaggy hair. In elementary school, she cut her hair shorter to make it easier to play baseball.



Kaoru seems to be a cheerful and warm girl, but can be sometimes short-tempered. She deeply cares about her friends, especially Gorō.

Background & Plots

Kaoru was in Gorō's class in elementary school and was one of the first people Goro talked to. Kaoru eventually begins to play little league baseball on the Mifune Dolphins Little League after an argument with Gorō where she sees his passion for the game. She was also the first person Gorō recruited to the Mifune Dolphins. In the finals against Yokohama, she was the catcher to replace the injured Komori. Already in elementary school, she began to have feelings for Gorō. In Junior High School, she switches to softball and becomes captain of the Mifune East Junior High team. She seemed to have a grudge against baseball because Gorō introduced it to her. Initially, she plans to follow Gorō, whom she has a crush on, to Kaido High School. However, she changes her mind after she discovers Kaido does not have a softball team and after Gorō tells her to follow her love of softball.

She attended Seishu High School, the one Gorō later attends after quitting Kaido and told her little brother, Taiga to join Seishu's baseball club as the great "baseball fanatic" was there.

After high school, she attended Kyowa University. In which during the winter break of her freshman year Gorō confesses his love to Kaoru. Kaoru accepted the confession and they started going out.

If Gorō was suggested as a baseball fanatic, Shimizu was said to be a softball fanatic.


She is married to Gorō and have two children. She stays at home as a housewife.



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