Hideki Shigeno
Hideki Shigeno S1
Japanese 茂野 英毅
Rōmanji Shigeno Hideki
Also Known As
Gender Male
Nationality Japan
Blood Type
Family Unknown First Wife (divorced)
Shigeharu Honda (best friend)
Momoko Shigeno (wife)
Goro Shigeno (stepson)
Shingo Shigeno (son)
Chiharu Shigeno (daughter)
Kaoru Shigeno (daughter-in-law)
Taiga Shimizu (nephew-in-law)
Izumi Shigeno (granddaughter)
Daigo Shigeno (grandson)
Occupation Japan Team Coach
Pro Baseball Player (retired)
Team(s) Yokohama Marine Stars
Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks (film)
Position Pitcher
Number 17 (Yokohama)
Bat/Throws Left/Left
Manga Debut 002. Switch
2nd 042. Eephus Measures (2nd)
Anime Debut Ep1: Goro's Dream and Daddy's Dream
2nd-Ep2: If I Wasn't the Second
Voice Actor Shunsuke Sakuya
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Hideki Shigeno (茂野 英毅, Shigeno Hideki) was first introduced as Shigeharu Honda's teammate on the Yokohama Marine Stars. After Shigeharu died, Hideki felt responsible for his best friend's death and bringing sadness to Goro Honda and Momoko Hoshino. He begins to date Momoko whom they later eventually marry and becomes Goro's new father.


Hideki was first introduced as being enthusiastic. After Shigeharu's unfortunate death, Hideki became more responsible believing the latter was situated from his kidding words.


Hideki Shigeno was an ace pitcher for the Yokohama Marine Stars along with Shigeharu Honda, his best friend since high school. When Shigeharu was forced to retire from pitching due to his arm injury, Hideki sparked the thought for him to transform into a slugger instead. The latter became regretful when Shigeharu died from Gibson's accidental deadball.

Feeling a heavy sense of responsibility since then, Hideki became reacquainted with Momoko and Gor, giving baseball-related advice to Goro. Then in early spring three years later, he married Momoko with Goro becoming his new son.

MAJOR: The Winning Shot of Friendship

Around 1996, the Yokohama Marine Stars traded him to the Fukuoka Eagles where Hideki and his new family moved to. During then, Momoko became pregnant with their first biological son, and Shingo was born

Mifune East Arc

Around 2000, Hideki was transferred back to the Marine Stars where the Shigenos moved back to Mifune. In 2001, his daughter Chiharu was born. However, following a period of bad performances, Shigeno announced his retirement after that season. For the remainder of the season, Shigeno's performance picked up again and his back number, #17, retired with him.

Minor League Arc

After retiring from professional baseball, he became a sports commentator.

World Cup Arc

In 2005, Shigeno was recruited as the head coach as well as the pitcher coach of the Japan National Team for the Baseball World Cup.


Hideki and Momoko became a retired grandcouple, but continue to watch over Goro's new family and watching over Daigo's progress through his little league.


  • Shigeharu Honda: They were best friends since high school, where their friendship was irreplaceable.


  • His name Hideki means "excellent, fine" (英) (hide) and "resolute, decisive, firm" (毅) (ki).
  • Hideki's surname Shigeno means "luxuriant" (茂) (shige) and "field, wilderness" (野) (no).
  • Hideki's retiring number is 17.
  • Hideki was married once before engaging to Momoko Hoshino, with the latter divorced from being a baseball fanatic.
  • In the manga, Hideki retirement's occurred during Goro's in his senior middle year (Mifune East arc0, while it happened in Goro's second year in high-school (Seishuu High arc).



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