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Goro Shigeno (茂野 吾郎, Shigeno Gorou), born as Goro Honda (本田 吾郎, Honda Gorou) is the main protagonist of the MAJOR series. The franchise is centered on his life story and baseball career from pre-school to adulthood.


Goro is depicted as the hot-blooded stereotype who is always determined to fulfill goals to the very end. He appears all brawn with no brains, being unable to concentrate on his studies or remembering any of his opponent's names in the past. Yet he is able to learn English through an adaptive pace during his year-long stay in America since his arrival.

Goro is also quite dense when it comes to romance and other relationships with women. He shows one sign after meeting Ryoko Kawase the first time but remains unaware of Kaoru's slowly growing affections for him where he later realizes 10 years after their first meeting.



  • No Hitter (2 times)
    • (Mifune East, 3rd Year): Prefectural Tournament Round 2
  • Shutouts (2 times)
    • (Mifune East, 3rd Year): Prefectural Tournament Finals (vs. Mifune West)
    • MLB 1st Term, All Star Round (vs. Minesota Coyotes)
  • Consecutive Records
    • Little League Autumn Tournament (9th straight strikeout)
    • High School Baseball Summer Tournament
    • First World Cup (8th straight strikeout, vs. USA)
    • MLB (11th inning no-hit, vs. Seattle Seagulls ~ White Hawks)