Season 1, Episode 1
Ep1: Goro's Dream and Daddy's Dream
Japanese 吾郎の夢, おとさんの夢
Rōmanji Gorō no Yume, Otosan no Yume
Animation Director
Episode 1
Air Date November 13, 2004
Opening Kokoroe
Ending Step
Adapted from 001, 002
Story Arc Kindergarten Arc
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Previous N/A
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Goro's Dream and Daddy's Dream is the 1st episode of the MAJOR anime, and 1st episode of the 1st Season. It was aired on November 13, 2004.


Goro is a 5 years old boy who loves baseball, and his father is the pitcher and pro baseball player, Shigeharu Honda. When Shigeharu breaks his elbow, he gives up on his baseball career, but, after talking with Hideki Shigeno, a close friend of him, he decides to train to become a batter.

Manga and Anime Differences

The scenes were Goro fights the soccer boys were omitted in the anime, due to the violence.


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