Season 1, Episode 16
I Quit!
Japanese ヤメタ!
Rōmanji Yameta!
Animation Director
Episode 16
Air Date March 12, 2005
Opening Kokoroe
Ending Step
Adapted from 068, 069, 070, 071, 072, 073
Story Arc Little League Arc
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Previous Ep15: The Coach's Feelings
Next Ep17: The Tournament Begins!
I Quit! is the 16th episode of the MAJOR anime, and 16th episode of the 1st season. It was aired on March 12, 2005.

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The training camp continues. Goro meets the girl again at the dormitory and she presents herself as Kawase Ryoko. Still at the camp, Shimizu and Goro haves a discussion and Shimizu goes angry. After the camp, Shimizu tries to quit the team because of her discussion with Goro, but as Goro tells her that baseball wont be funny without her, she decides to stay.

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