Season 6, Episode 13
Chains of Negativity
Japanese 負の連鎖
Rōmanji Fu no Rensa
Animation Director
Episode 142
Air Date June 26, 2010
Opening Kokoroe
Ending Twilight Star
Adapted from 665, 666, 667
Story Arc Major League Arc
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Previous Ep141: Unspoken Rule
Next Ep143: An Ace's Responsibility
Chains of Negativity is the 142nd episode of the MAJOR anime and 13th episode of the 6th season. It was aired on June 26, 2010.

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After a series of loses, Hornets next games will be a series of 2 games against Murdoch's old team, the Panthers. They lose the first match. Watts tells Murdoch's story to Goro. The second match starts. Roy commits an error with a bad pitch to the first base, that is Murdoch's position, and the two starts to discuss in the middle of the game. Goro tells Murdoch to stop, Murdoch tries to attack Goro but is stopped by his daughter's voice.

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