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Daisuke Komori is one of Goro Shigeno's best friends in the MAJOR (series). First introduced in the Little League Arc, he became childhood friends with Goro along with Ryota Sawamura and Kaoru Shimizu. Since then, he became one of the series' recurring characters. He returns in MAJOR 2nd as the coach for the Nijigaoka Beetles.




Little League Arc (S1)

At the beginning, he was being bullied by Sawamura but was helped by Gorō, as he invited him to join Mifune Dolphins, and solved the problem.

Mifune East Arc (S2)

He continued to catch for Gorō when he returned from Fukuoka at Mifune East Middle School, but his middle school baseball days ended when Mayumura of Kaido Affiliate Middle School eliminated them single-handedly in the first round of middle school nationals.

Seishuu High Arc (S3)

Gorō left Kaido and was planning to enter Mifune High. However, as he saw Komori (as the catcher), Yamane (as the ace pitcher) and Ohbayashi (as third hitter) already have their own fully functioning team, he went on and made a new team at Seishuu High. They were rivals. After that, he is seen watching Seishuu's game against Youka to collect data, Komori really wanted to win, and planned very carefully to beat Gorō's team. However, Gorō eventually won the match, after Komori and the others put on a good fight. After the match, Gorō saw Komori at a footbridge and asked him to play catch. Komori came to accept the end of his high school baseball days. After this, he is seen watching Seishuu's match against Kaido, alongside Shimizu.

Minor League Arc (S4)

After high school, Komori went on to play for his university as their pinch hitter. He is later seen coaching Mifune Dolphins during OVA 1, "Message".

Daigo's Little League Arc (2nd)

He appears as the coach for the Nijigaoka Beetles, proving his team to be a formidable opponent against the Mifune Dolphins.




  • Komori's prime position as a catcher relates to his father as a former catcher on the Yokohama Marine Stars.