Daigo Shigeno
Japanese 茂野 大吾
Rōmanji Shigeno Daigo
Also Known As Daigo-kun/Shigeno-kun
Age 3 (MAJOR epilogue)
11-12 (Mifune)
14 (Fuurin)
Gender Male
Birthday 4 April
Nationality Japan
Blood Type
Family Shigeharu Honda (biological grandfather)
Chiaki Honda (biological grandmother)
Hideki Shigeno (grandfather)
Momoko Shigeno (grandmother)
Shingo Shigeno (uncle)
Chiharu Shigeno (aunt)
Goro Shigeno (father)
Kaoru Shigeno (mother)
Taiga Shimizu (uncle)
Izumi Shigeno (sister)
Occupation Student
School Mifune Elementary (graduate)
Fuurin Junior High
Team(s) Mifune Little
Fuurin Middle Baseball Club (Captain)
Position Catcher, Outfielder
Number 13
Bat/Throws Right/Right
Manga Debut 744. Daddy's Secret (debut)
2nd 001. Daigo's Dream (2nd)
Anime Debut Epilogue OVA: Message
2nd-Ep1: Daigo's Dream (2nd)
Voice Actor Miyuki Sawashiro (Message OVA)
Mutsumi Tamura (Sunday CM)
Natsumi Fujiwara (Anime)
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Daigo Shigeno is the eldest son of Goro Shigeno and Kaoru Shigeno, and the younger brother of Izumi Shigeno. He was born during the epilogue of the previous MAJOR series, and becomes the main protagonist of the MAJOR 2nd series.


Daigo has brown hairs and eyes. His hairs are going until the neck. He and his father Goro are looking very similar, his tactical thinking has he got from his mother Kaoru. Daigo has often a bright laugh on his face.


In his young age, Daigo was a bright boy who gets along with his family along with his admiration for baseball after seeing his dad hitting a homerun upon his debut in the Pro Japan League.

As time passed onto MAJOR 2nd, Daigo's positive character takes a dive into depression where he fusses over the complexity of not inheriting the genes of a pro player and living up to the name of "Shigeno Jr." It was at this age, Daigo attitude resembles just like his father being foul-mouthed, sarcastic, and cocky whenever he wants to boast. But unlike Goro who is aggressively robust, Daigo is mentally delicate through his own inferiority making him easy to lash out on those who ridicule him for no seniority as his father.


Baby Daigo (2nd ED)

Daigo's baby picture

Daigo Shigeno is the first-born son of Goto and Kaoru, He was raised along with his elder sister, Izumi in the states until their father's retirement from the Major Leagues and moved back to Japan. As little Daigo watched his dad make his comeback to the Japan League, he eventually grew to love baseball after watching his winning homerun.

Years later, Daigo joins the Mifune Dolphins to begin his dreams, only to be realize in disappointment that his arms were not fit for baseball, whether its pitching or batting. Daigo trained himself with much effort, only to sulk in depression that he felt too inferior behind his father's shadow.

Daigo quit the Dolphins and lived boringly playing video games and doing nothing until he reached the 6th grade. But it was not long until a new transfer student appeared. The boy introduces himself as Hikaru Sato, the son of his uncle and retired major leaguer, Toshiya Sato. From that fateful encounter, Daigo's baseball life was rejuvenated and rejoined the Dolphins to be the best catcher as he and Hikaru face new rivals and juniors while dealing with his own inferiority complex.



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