2nd Episode 001
Season 7, Episode 1
Daigo's Dream
Japanese 大吾の夢
Rōmanji Daigo no Yume
Director Tohru Ishida
Storyboard Ayumu Watanabe
Screenplay Michihiro Tsuchiya
Animation Director Kou Nishimura
Episode 155
Air Date April 7, 2018
Opening Koete Ike
Ending Pride
Adapted from 001, 002 (¼) (2nd)
Story Arc Daigo's Little League Arc
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Next 2nd-Ep2: If I Wasn't the Second
Daigo's Dream is the first episode of the MAJOR 2nd anime adaptation. It was aired in April 7, 2018.

List of Characters


Daigo Shigeno had always dreamed of becoming a great baseball player just like his father and retired major leaguer, Goro Shigeno. He eventually joined the Mifune Dolphins, only to be despaired by the results of his mediocre progress. Feeling unable to reach the heights just like his father, Daigo gives up on baseball entirely with no motivation or goal in his life. 2 years later, a new transfer student from America arrives where the crossroads of destiny begins to turn again for Daigo.

Manga and Anime Differences

  • The scene regarding "Daigo's flashback" was moved back earlier to flow the series' timeline order.
  • Unlike the manga, Goro Shigeno was chronologically shown in the episode's beginning.


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